As your online fitness coach, I will set you up to succeed 100% guaranteed!  I will take the time to understand you and learn what's working for you and what needs to change. 


After completing your initial online assessment, I will create a custom program for you to follow and you will receive the proper resources needed to complete your training safely and effectively. I'll deliver your custom workouts to you via my easy to use app.  Each workout, whether it's a HIIT workout or a strength workout, will have instructional videos as well as written cues.  I'll provide feedback often and we'll meet online for coaching to make sure you are progressing and enjoying your training. 


Getting in shape online is really no different from in person training.  In fact, its more convenient, more effective, less expensive, and more fun!  You will even be able to participate in my live group training sessions each week!



With proper nutrition, you will be able to lose the weight that you have been trying to lose for years.  You'll receive custom nutrition coaching, not a cookie cutter meal plan.  You will learn how to eat the right foods so you reach your fitness and health goals.  You'll learn things like how to not let stress sabotage your diet, and how to create healthy habits so that you can see faster results that are sustainable.  Everyone needs accountability in order to stay motivated towards reaching their goals.  It's not enough to rely on motivation alone.  People succeed when they choose behaviors that lead them to their goals.  These behaviors, although they may seem small, add up to big results!  As your nutrition coach, I promise to meet you where you are and only help you change the behaviors that no longer serve you.  Your transformation to a fitter, healthier, happier you is achievable!



Want to know my secret to getting a fit, healthy, and happy body? It's all in my e-cookbook!  You will get dozens of delicous recipes that are easy to make and will save you tons of time and money. Recipes can be easily tracked in MyFitnessPal and even come with macros listed so you know which ones will fit your nutrition plan. 


Need a little extra help in the kitchen? Cook alongside me during my weekly live cooking classes. You'll learn all my favorite kitchen hacks and become a meal prep pro in no time!

plans & pricing


4 Week Challenge

Mid level package

premier package

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4 Week Challenge

Jump start your way to a fitter, healthier body in 4 weeks!

Valid for one month

4 week fitness and nutrition plan

Access to live virtual group workouts

Access to live virtual cooking classes

Daily nutrition and health tips

Community support and social networking group

FitFoods with Claire e-cookbook

Suggested done-for-you menus with shopping list


Mid-Level package

Comprehensive fitness and nutrition coaching package

Custom training and nutrition design

Online assessment (to determine baseline fitness and nutrition levels)

Bi-weekly phone or video coaching

Unlimited email support

Access to live virtual cooking classes

Access to live virtual workout sessions

Accountability and support

FitFoods with Claire e-cookbook

Premier Package

Holistic fitness and nutrition package with additional accountability, coaching, and support

Custom fitness and nutrition design

Online assessment (to determine baseline fitness and nutrition levels)

Weekly nutritional coaching

Meal prep support (private sessions)

Online, personalized training sessions

Access to live virtual group workouts

Access to live virtual cooking classes

Unlimited email support

Accountability and motivational support

FitFoods with Claire e-cookbook



Nicole C

I was looking for a program to get more healthy that would help coach me from both an exercise and nutrition standpoint. When I learned about Claire's coaching program I was sold. She took a vested interest in my goals setting me up with physical activity and weight lifting to assisting with healthy meal prep ideas. What really set Claire apart was her personal touch. She wanted to be involved in your success...Claire did workouts with me, provided helpful tips for purchasing food items for easy meal prep, held online meal prep sessions with her clients and showed how to use fitness apps to track our progress. She is a coach, a friend and super personable. I highly recommend Claire's nutrition coaching program!