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Hi there!

Are you looking to make a healthy change to your lifestyle?  Now is the perfect time to do it, while we all ride out the coronavirus at home.

Are you unsure of how to make this healthy change?  Many people fear change because of what they are afraid of giving up, or they fear they will fail because it will be too hard.  They often view their health as and "all or nothing" approach and think that in order to successfully live a healthy lifestyle, they must commit to being perfect. 


They imagine having to eat perfectly, do the perfect workouts, be a perfect cook, or know exactly what to do in order to reach their goals.  Unfortunately, it is because of this mentality that most people fail at diets and weight loss programs, or they actually never start. 


The reason is, NO ONE IS PERFECT!!

Does this describe you?  Maybe your life is busy, hectic, chaotic, unfulfilling, or far from perfect.  Or maybe you are experiencing an extremely stressful situation, as many of us are, during this devastating coronavirus pandemic. 


Or maybe you are happy with your current lifestyle and really don't want to have to change who you are or how you live your life...but you are tired of wishing you could be more fit, healthier, or look better (like getting rid of your "Dad bod" or just feeling more comfortable in your best jeans). 


Maybe you want to build up your energy level, prevent health-related illnesses, or simply stop the endless cycle of yo-yo dieting.

Your confusion on all of these matters can be 'Claired Up' with my very affordable, 12 week online program... Nutrition Coaching: Empower Yourself with Food.   

What you can expect from my nutrition program:

  •  Lose the weight/fat that you have been trying to lose for years
  • Build physical and mental strength and have more confidence in your body
  • Let go of food confusion and learn how to deal with emotional eating
  • Learn to make better food choices and find a healthy balance (doesn't have to be all kale and no doughnuts) 


Imagine how you will feel after completing my nutrition program:

  • Feel physically and mentally strong and capable of taking on work, kids, activities, without worrying if your weight or lack of energy or poor health will hold you back
  • Be more excited to take a vacation without worry of how you'll look or feel in your swimsuit or clothing
  • Be thrilled at having your picture taken while feeling great about how you look
  • Enjoy your new relationship with food and view food as your friend, not your enemy
  • Improve your overall health and better immunity to future sickness
  • Live as a lifestyle success story instead of a failure


Nutrition Coaching: Empower Yourself with Food program is not a fad diet or quick fix program! 


This is a program designed to help you become AND SUSTAIN a better version of yourself by learning some fundamental healthy eating habits that will help you learn to make healthier choices one step at a time and give you the tools to practice continued self-care no matter what challenges you may be facing.

It is unrealistic to think that people can sustain a very restrictive diet or strict meal plan if they cannot ditch the junk food or control their over eating.  A key element in my program is achieving a healthy balance... where you can learn to eat consistently wholesome foods and still enjoy your favorite treats occasionally. 


My pledge to you is to meet you right where you are now and begin from there as our starting point.  Most likely, we will find that you are already practicing healthy habits.  Let's build from them as the foundation of your new nutrition plan!

My program allows you to choose which healthy habits to focus on and then add advanced approaches such as macro break downs, intermittent fasting, etc., as you proceed through your customized program.  And we'll have weekly check-ins to ensure you are staying on track.

Here is the 12-week content outline:


  • Goals
  • Healthy Upgrades/Nutrition Transformation
  • Healthy Food Preparation Skills
  • Menu Planning and Meal Prep
  • Mindfulness, Moderation, and Portion Sizes
  • Check-in and Review
  • Calories, Macros, and Eating for Your Body Type
  • Metabolism, Exercise, and Energy Balance
  • Emotional Wellness
  • Sleep, Stress, and Self Care
  • Detoxes, Intermittent Fasting, and Finding An Approach That Is Right for You
  • Movement


Why not use the time you have now at home to invest in yourself? 

Your future self will thank you :-)

Claire Magenheimer
Precision Nutrition Certified Coach
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